Beat the Winter Blues – Naturally


For some of us, the first cool days of fall are exhilarating, but for others, that drop in temperatures signals the start of short, gloomy days and a melancholy mood that can last till spring.

If winter blues are persistent, an experienced psychotherapist can help. For occasional blues, try these natural remedies to lift your mood.

  • Take a brisk walk, swing your arms and grin. Research shows it will get the endorphins going.

  • Get enough vitamin D. Your body makes vitamin D in response to sunlight. If you spend all of your time indoors, you may need a supplement.

  • Eat more fish. A fatty acid in oily fish such as salmon and tuna may be effective against depression. Or, try fish oil capsules.

  • Listen to music. Pick something upbeat – no sad ballads or love songs.