George Warsaw, Ph.D.

I've always been passionate about helping people. In addition to my doctoral studies at Georgia State University, I was selected to design behavioral modification strategies at a targeted Atlanta city school.

For my dissertation, my original research examined a cognitive-behavioral approach to help individuals develop a sense of competence regarding the problems of living.

Post graduation, I taught a master's level supervision course and provided individual supervision on the doctoral level.

A colleague and I formed "The Institute for Assertive Training" and led hundreds of stress reduction and communication enrichment seminars.

In private practice, I continue to enjoy helping people attain greater competence in their personal and interpersonal lives. My approach has some unique aspects. For example, in addition to our comfortable office setting, many people want to walk-and-talk with me. Others are comforted to know that, while out of town on business, vacation, or visiting family and friends, we can have phone sessions.

My white board always has useful information, and even before sessions begin, people copy or photo the notes so we can address issues. Also, having an assignment to work on between sessions is very helpful.