Four Ways to Live Longer


You know the 5 secrets to good health and longer life: Eat your vegetables, maintain a healthy weight, exercise daily, have regular medical checkups, drink in moderation and don’t smoke. But, it turns out that good mental and emotional health can also add years to your life – making it more enjoyable along the way.

So, as you head out for your morning jog, whip up a kale smoothie or throw out that last pack of cigarettes, here are some more longevity tips you need to know:

  • Make connections. People with spouses, close friends or other strong social connections live longer.

  • Get educated. Research shows that people who have college degrees, or even high school diplomas, tend to live years longer than those who don’t.

  • Read books. Research shows that reading 30 minutes a day may add up to two years to your life.

  • Meditate. Stress can lead to disease. Meditation can help relieve stress.