5 Brain Boosters


Whether your goal is acing your college midterms or reducing the cognitive decline that comes with aging, here are five surprising strategies to help you be your sharpest. 

  • Chew gum (but make it sugar free). Chewing is believed to reduce stress and increase signals in an area of the brain that is crucial to learning. 

  • Go dancing. One study showed that older people who dance three or four times a week reduce their risk of dementia by 76 percent.

  • Make friends. A study of people ages 24 to 96 found that those who spent the most time socializing performed the best on tests of cognition and memory. 

  • Go for coffee. A single cup in the morning can improve concentration throughout the day. Meet a friend for coffee and you’ll reap the benefits of socializing too.

  • Eat fish. Research has shown that eating two servings of fatty fish each week can improve blood flow to the brain.